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Primary Filson Dior Cole Haan
Dry denim is not a fad. Dry Denim is not "over". Dry Denim is not for the faint of heart.
AA Filson Belt Dior Domani Cap Toe (selling these)
AA APC NC Sperry Wristbands from the Deerhunter show last night.
Quote: Originally Posted by mike on autopilot You're making me really regret passing up on some pairs of the AA slacks when I was at the store. Are they comfortable? They are absolutely amazing. So comfortable. I don't remember exactly how much stretch, but it's just the perfect amount. I love them. Well worth the $$. Check ebay, that's where I got this pair.
Merona Bullet Necklace AA Slim Slacks Vans
Quote: Originally Posted by chhs nice, did you fall are you ok? I try to fall often and hard. That's how I break in my denim.
Suspender Shirt from Japan Dior Ankle Boots
ISO Vest/Hoody Tokyo Hollister Nudie Ola Converse
BlackCandy3: I really like the fit. Nice.
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