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Has anyone here seen a Gold indian head tag on the inside of their Jeans?
How does the size run on Zathans?
Quote: Originally Posted by mgoose zaf's fit bigger then alot of cuts, alot of people size down one in zaf's from zathan or other cuts So with any other cut I should be good with my regular 29'' waist size?
Do all Diesel's run a size or two big? I can honestly say my Zaf 796's in a 29w fit ok but I would like them to be a little tighter. I'm not exactly sure which cut I'm going to go with next, but when I do, should I go with a 27 or 28?
Quote: Originally Posted by themeowmixcat do you have pictures of it? Unfortunately no... The only writing I have ever seen that looks similar to it can be found here http://www.bumbleandbumble.com on the bottom right hand corner where it says become a salon. The writing in the back is what the writing on the shirt looks like.
I've this shirt that I have been searching practically everywhere for. I believe that it is Diesel but I could be wrong. It is a long sleeve are black button down shirt with sort of a white worded sketch writing on it It has a rectangular box pattern spread in words across the chest. Has anyone ever seen this shirt or something similar to it? Thanks
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