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Will a Zathan 86T look fucked up if I hem it from a 34 to a 30?
So I'm wondering if these two diesel shirts I just purchased are defective? One of them came out with pink marks all over it, and the other one has a faint pink mark on it. I'm wondering if I should try and return them. I had a couple of shirts (not red) that were with these diesel's when I washed them, that also got small pink spots too. I never use bleach in my washing machine either.
Size down two...
Quote: Originally Posted by casper45 hey stripdshirt i think i just won an auction from u are u selling 85e's? Yeah thanks... They were one size too big on me! Now I have to find something to buy.
Quote: Originally Posted by btinl im selling some levan 70c w/ X-Rotuck back pockets if you are a size 31x30. $115 in the honest mall. Those are beautiful... If they were a 28w I'd be all over them...
Quote: Originally Posted by morloff you mean from ebay or somewhere right? because there's no way you're getting anything for $120 this season. Of course... I'm not expecting anything this season. I'm just looking for some suggestions on some good washs. Thanks Jetsetter... Levans are ok IMO. Something with a more standout backpocket???
Same here... I had three different diesel shirts that mysteriously had pinkish stains (like bleach) when they came out.
I need to find something for about $120 that's a straight leg. Any suggestions?
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