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[EDIT: No selling outside the mall please. ]
I got mine today too in a 30 I'm going to need to try and find somebody with 29's that wants to trade otherwise I'm out of luck... Or I might trade for some R&R taylor's
Keep trying people are still getting them now...
Anyone else not able to log into their cult acct.?
Thanks Girls!
What about patriciafield.com? Is that legit?
My girlfriend really wants the White Trash Large Gold Vermeil Butterfly for her birthday in a couple of weeks. WhiteTrashCharms.Com Boutique : Butterfly [BDEO2S] - When I went to order it today on whitetrashcharms.com and it's telling me that is going to take 4-6 weeks. I was trying to search around and find it else where, but I was a little skeptical of some of these other sites. I was hoping for a little insight from some of you girls here. Please Help!!! Thanks
The onijo71g and 8bi's are pretty dope! I'm not really feeling the 8dd's as my second pick though.
How do you guys feel about the Skylow SP 61E?
Quote: Originally Posted by blackcandy3 what size are you? i only have 2 from SS07 thus far, but 3 are on their way id say thanaz 8ev is GOLD, and onijo 71G is a pretty pure form of hotness (these are the 2 that i have) 28W32L What it comes down to is a friend of mine is coming in from Italy so I'm trying to decide what I want. 8EV and what else.
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