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Hi, Just over 2 months ago I bought some items from Artgator (which seems to be one of the biggest poster sites) and assumed it was reliable. I still haven't recived my stuff and they don't answer to any emails or calls. I've tried their order mail, support mail etc a dozen times. Nothing. Anyone have any advice what to do? I paid with mastercard. Thanks in advance for any advice.
Ah lovely lovely Paris. I've always gone in spring/summer, would like to go once when it's Christmas decorated. First pictures is of shopping mall Printemps where they found bomb(s) today http://www.nytimes.com/2008/12/17/wo...html?ref=world
and in defence of the Swedes Yeah I know... far from the type of girls mgoose posted :P
I'm wondering the same thing... guess not since he seems to be selling a lot to good prices. Any one with quick advice would be much appreciated!
I have the opposite problem, my blood doesn't clog very well and I'm supposed to stay away from aspirin etc (certain type of painkillers, of course the most effective ones! ) and omega-3. So these are things that makes your blood thinner I guess... like people say though, don't mess around with anything anyone says on a forum =)
Why didn't her friend that new about her AFF website sign up to try and find her instead of asking your boyfriend?
For some reason the new pic of Kimmy also makes me think of Charlene Tilton (without the 80's makeup )
Quote: Originally Posted by kimmy I originally thought that too... She's a uma/scarlett mix..lol Either way..i'm jealous..hehe Aw, thanks You're gorgeous Kimmy even though I can't think of anyone you look like right now Guest, it drove my crazy awhile ago when I couldn't figure out who you look like - Julia Stiles is who I was looking for
These pictures made me smile alot, you look so pretty and like you're having tons of fun
Thank you for that great explanation, sometimes I just don't bother using search cause I "know" I will have to go through pages and pages.
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