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whoops! here they are
i'm looking at a seller on ebay whol has two pairs of dojos for sale, one cropped to 24".... here's what she has to say... " THIS AUCTION IS FOR 2 PAIR OF SEVEN DOJO JEANS IN NEW YORK DARK WASH. THEY ARE AUTHENTIC AND IN VERY GOOD CONDITION, ONLY WORN A FEW TIMES EACH. I HAD ONE PAIR CROPPED BY A SEAMSTRESS TO A 24" INSEAM. THEY ARE 100% COTTON." i sent her an email about authenticity and where she purchased... she said " they are authentic, the tags have been cut. I...
i am 5'2", 125# and this lacoste is a 36. (excuse the wrinkle, i was on vacation) it is kinda tight and i ALWAYS wear an undershirt with it because it is short! i have a 34 green one and it is super tight. depending on your sizing, a 36 or 38 will be fine.
i'm a 7.5 in most shoes, but i wear an 8 in all 4 of my asics... try road runner sports, they are the largest running store in america i think... http://www.roadrunnersports.com
well in that case... long beach state... that's where i went and it's nice and close to the OC, where you're from! very big school, i think 35,000.
i bought these two pairs of diesel jeans when i was in venice italy in a diesel store 2 summers ago... can anyone tell me if they are real or fake? i got them each for 40 euros, so either they are a steal or fake! they have the correct security thread and that "77" number one of the websites was talking about. i did hem both (it's a shame having a 29" inseam!) so the original hemming is gone. they are zathan and skint, but i do not know how to tell the number... they...
i got these at plato's closet (like buffalo exchange) last week and i was super excited. i went to the 7fam website and some of the stuff they listed matches my jeans but then they have the "by jerome dahan" but no "of imported fabric". my cut# begins with a 1, not a 7, but i do have a 9 digit serial number on the security tag... 002-026249... i tried to take a picture to show and it came out blurry but i decided to post anyways. the rivets look good and the whiskers...
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