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did you see the date on that article? it's from the 7th or 8th of this month. that's a pretty recent article....
i don't understand why there's a kiddie bucket and shovel for the beach at your place... do you go to the sandbox in your complex and build castles or something?
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe shocked much? i just am not a dinosaur fan... i like coatimundis better
i would have picked brontosaurus but it wasn't an option. so i picked stegie. sucks that i didn't pay attention when they were talking about dinos. i think it's cos i think they're stupid.
Quote: Originally Posted by princess_anne What about International Express? That's what I've been using. I was told it's trackable. It's $25 for a flat rate envelope. $23 if you pay online thru usps.com i LOOOOOVE this. plus you get an automatic $100 insurance!
Quote: Originally Posted by evilcatfish I'm not above sleeping in my car if I'm fucked up. hey you can even get in trouble with that... i forget what the actual law states, but even being in the drivers seat while drunk is still a no-no. rest in the passenger side or back seat, and keep the keys out of the ignition.
speaking of drunk drivers, check out lindsay lohan's little story... this happened last night! Lindsay Lohan arrested again - CNN.com
love love love these jeans! hibiscu5 found these for me on yoox and they are just soooo gorgeous
for whatever reason, this thread reminded me that i save all the ends/hems of my jeans. i have a huge box of them... i wonder if i could make a profit off the 40+ hem pairs i have downstairs "hems getting beat up? buy a new pair from missbest"
^thanks begret! i checked wunderground right now and we're up to 60% humidity! i'm melting, i'm melting i went to VA two summers ago and it was INSANE! i also went back last memorial day weekend (06) and that was just ridiculous. i am soooo glad the BF doesn't live out there anymore
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