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they are mens, beware!
i bought the sd1000 on monday from costco and got it yesterday. i love it already. i have an OLD SCHOOL powershot s50 that still works great. i love canon cameras! the SD1000 is tiny and fits perfectly into all my small and large purses!
my mom still has her mini backpack. she loves it for whatever reason. i read somewhere that they were coming back this season, but she's still the only one i see with one....
hmmm ok. i'm not a havana fan (i know, don't crucify me or anything, i do like DHV tho) so i really didn't pay that close attention to them in the store... whoops
are you sure those are fake? they look kinda good to me. i've only seen these IRL once and i don't remember what the back pockets look like...
i think they are real. they look like mens so they have different details than women's. the stitching is straight and the tags do look good to me. also, the flynt lines match up to where they are supposed to line up on the pocket. this is just IMO tho.
hey lisa, i've heard that you need to size down on these... so maybe a 28 instead?
cute! i totally agree with you about the 4.3%! was is 1817 or 1917? i don't think denim was widely used until levi strauss and the gold rush (1848-1849).... but the military does have all the *newest* technology, so who knows!
IRL runs small. i have some bootcuts in 30 and i'm a 29 and they are TIGHT!
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