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i've bought 9-11 pairs this last month and they all need to be hemmed minus one pair. it blows because now that i've started teaching i have NO time for hemming!
the child forums would be inside the other part of the forum (if they existed). so if inside of HF-chat there was another SUB-forum, that would be considered the child forum. i'm about 90% sure this is right....
put your bag in a paper bag. staple it shut. then in a plastic garbage bag dump a shitload of baking soda. then put the paper bag in the plastic bag, tie it up and let it marinate for a week or more. you can add dryer sheets inside your bag and inside the paper bag. it works pretty well.
Quote: Originally Posted by adinh I hasn't been too hot for me. I live in Orange County and the weather this year has been good! It was scorching hot last year! i'm in the "IE" and really, the weather has been VERY bearable this year. i did have the AC on when there were guys here working on the bathroom, but really this summer has been fairly pleasant. i remember last july i was taking a teacher test and it was 114 out. then a couple hours...
staff days start MONDAY and school officially starts WEDNESDAY, i'm scared shitless
you don't even have to take amtrak, DD... you can take the metrolink down to oceanside and then switch to the coaster and end up in downtown SD.... and it's a lot less than $60!!!
ohhhhhhh i love pizza port! i need a pitcher of california honey! im all over so cal... i live east of LA, work in redlands, and the bf lives in carlsbad/encinitas.
brw, who pays for the shipping to the TX location? buyer, seller?
this sucks cos somebody could pull a switcheroo even then!!!
i know, but i had a seller list a pocket mens jeans under womens!!! just wanted to make sure, esp. if all the search was "seven mankind 29"
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