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^^^ ummmm, bad link???
mspowerbomb, i sent you the secret clinical strength right? that stopped working for me for a while. i finally took everybody's word and started using certain dri. it's SOOOOOO awesome. i use it at night and then certain dri AM for day. the only problem i had was during the summer i had the SWEATIEST hands EVER!!!!! of course it was like 105-115 out here, but my pits were dry, my hands were NOT!!!!
mine are more grey too
Quote: Originally Posted by tiffanybm No glove, no love. That sucks though. I know here in TX, if a guy is married to the mother when the kid is born, he's still liable for child support even if DNA shows it's not his. funny you mention this, this was the topic on law and order last night! they also talked about pregnancy "trapping" too!
i have them, they're really cool and they don't fit funny. the wash is midnight mercer gold, MDMG. i got them from shop epic. i need to take them to get hemmed today...
i have a pair, i really like them!
have you tried student services or the USU? i don't know how much of the pyramid you're trying to cover, but that might be your best bet... i love LBSU, i graduated from there 4 years ago!
do you go to LBSU?
you have pms? i thought only women suffered from that...
with the big rip, i rarely dress them up... then again, i rarely dress up!
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