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you could try to sell them for what i pd (125) but i don't know where you plan on selling them... on ebay or a boutique?
probably about what you paid, although i got my peacocks for about $125 a couple months ago.
awww, that was cute! that totally reminded me of this monster miss codi.... she's like 5 months old in this pic. she's almost 5 now...
i can help if anything sounds like you can put "was ----ing" or "was" (etais/etait/etc) in there it's imparfait if it's like "i sold" "i ate" "i made" then it's p.c. so..... the first sentence basically says "when i was at school, i went to school every day." the etre will be imp. and the aller will be p.c.
mine are starting to "wear" right about 1/2" from the point of the pockets on BOTH pockets! two tiny circles (1/2" in diameter) where the denim is fuzzy and getting lighter. i've only worn them maybe 3 times and they're showing wear... anyone else having this problem????
i got mine at off 5th, wore them today!
so is she gonna be banned or what??!! she did give tibi her $$$$ but she is a well-known scammer. she is/was nurseynurse on AF!
how funny would it be to crash her wedding? it's june 7! i'm sure it's local and i'd REALLY like to go back to long beach. it's been a while since i've gone back out to the old 'hood, since i went to univ out there and all... i'll start looking in the press-telegram for the wedding... let's go!
haha her $35 sage sash is worth $200??? nice call tibi... SAGE Satin Ribbon Sash 4 your wedding dress/ gown 4 yd - eBay (item 160186568374 end time Dec-01-07 09:38:11 PST) complete BULLSHIT!!!! ETA: http://www.partypop.com/Forums/Weddi...es/m341181.htm
oh her myspace acct is GONE GONE GONE now.... google "jahmela nurse" and it'll show up. click on it, "invalid friend ID".... are you sure she's not a magician instead of a nurse? you are a fucking scam artist and you pissed me off last year with your stolen photos you stupid retard.....
New Posts  All Forums: