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my dad once told me how to make cocaine on a very long car ride home. he works for LASD's crime lab (narcotics division) and all i really remember anyways is that you need to start with 500lbs of leaves and a bathtub. i tuned him out after that point cos i was only 15 at the time. anyways, coke isn't really the thing people are getting busted for these days. my dad's work is mainly made up of meth and brown heroin. coke is pretty "rare" in LA these days, at least for...
that was neat!!! thanks for sharing!
i've done it... i was 22 and i had a blast. in fact, i really prefer traveling by myself. i also stuck out like a sore thumb cos i had bright platinum hair at the time. just do it. i didn't bring any mace or any type of "protectant" and i was fine. i actually stayed in hotels for the two weeks rather than hostels. hostels seem scary
mischa's have a little white tag on the back right pocket and there are two horizontal stripes across. that's all i can see
there is a tsubi logo on rose's jeans but i don't know what they are
Quote: Originally Posted by 2venus Just an update... After having discussed this with my family, my dad is adamant about getting a purebred CFA/TICA certified cat. Our whole family went through our first cat dying and we were completely helpless in saving her life. I think it hit my dad particularly hard, so now he's only going to consider a cat from a good bloodline free of any genetic defects. He says money is not an issue as long as we can bring a...
the back left squiggle looks off.... but the tag looks good
i live in RC, there's a place off of vineyard and foothill by souplantation that is awesome!
oh that's gorgeous! hopefully she won't get any cow poop wedged between the cracks... i kid, i kid
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