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Hi Jenn!!! It's sad.......... last time I checked in was about two weeks ago and the threads haven't moved.............. I miss this place. Miss how it used to be.
I actually like to see the old threads. Not necessarily this one, but many others. I remember the people that made it fun and wonder where they went. It was a time that we could chat about anything and not get chastised about it.................... it was fun.
Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 Friday: drinking wine by myself and watching Bill Maher. Saturday: going to gymnastics with my two year old, hopefully with a hangover. Sunday: getting laid when Danny gets back from his business trip. Oh, and cleaning the house prior to his getting home, so the laying part actually happens. I also found this to be very funny!!! As for me...... don't know yet!!
looks like a broken deer antler to me
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 IMO its kosher as long as it is in all the right places(boobs, ass and thighs) no fupa ha ha..... no fupa!!!!
People have guns for different reasons. I know some people who collect them and have never fired them before and never plan on it either. I have two shotguns that I use for hunting. I want to get a hand gun for protection. I have owned my shotguns for over 20 years now and took a safety course. They are locked up in my gun safe that is mounted inside of my closet (can't see it). And I have never shot anyone or myself. I have friends who hate the idea of owning or...
Quote: Originally Posted by mdg1976 my local Cabelas has these in stock. I like it!
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 My Dad built my rifle, stock and all.....so I'm not even sure what kind that makes it? Shot 3 deer with it, its a single shot too OT-Hey shoesandbags, its nice to see you still here OT- It's good to see you here also!!! I commented on your what are you wearing thread today.
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 Just for rorschach aka ACO SFAM Gingers What I would give to have a booty like that!!!!
I have a 20-gauge pump rifle and a 410 rifle. No hand gun though, not yet. I did use a thirty aught six when I took down my first mule deer in South Dakota. My new nickname is One Shot Wanda........
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