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Happy (belated) Birthday!!
Quote: Originally Posted by avatar treat kiosk people like homeless people Give them spare change or what's left of your sandwich?
Snatch is an awesome movie. Jskidder, is this your first time watching it? ETA:
This... and this... High class with a hint of hobo.
Happy Birthday!!!
Thanks guys. Work has been taking up a lot of my time but I've been around.
Happy Birthday!
Quote: Originally Posted by begret I'm old and slow, but GT still gives my husband and I stuff. Are we talking bikes or hats? Cause I'd like some of both, please. My friend had a GT when I was a kid and I still want that thing. It was badass. Ben, that's a sweet bike. I hope you can find it close to your price. I'm stuck upgrading old parts on my bike to make it decent.
Happy Birthday!!
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