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Perfect fit with all three pairs, you wear them all beautifully
Those look perfect on you...not tight at all (they do stretch a little bit!!) I agree, you have a perfect figure and great long legs....after seeing your photos, I feel motivated to go to the gym and to find a pair of quaalude scorps!!
i have the xanex pink roths...they will stretch a little bit, but not enough to go down a size IMO. i have them in my usual R&R size 26. i love them...can't wait to get them hemmed!
Sorry to hear that Hips....these jeans are beautiful and 100% authentic, no doubt about it..... I agree that perhaps your buyer is remorseful about buying them. Hope everything works out well for you, as you are undoubtedly an honest seller!!
Sooo beautiful... fit you perfectly!!! I want everything I see you in!
thank you for posting these! i hope they come....
Fabulous...those fit you sooo well
Love the crowns on you =) Lily's are pretty too!!
Love those Vargas on ya!
Agreed....they fit you wonderfully!!
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