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That's what it's like around here. Why don't you come to the grocery store by my house on the day EBT comes out and then you will STFU!
I was at Meijer's yesterday buying groceries when this welfare mama and her five kids in front of me purchased filet mignons on their EBT cards. The same meat I pass up because I'm trying to save money. She paid $0.03 out of her coin purse . I'm glad my 28% taxes pay for her ass to eat expensive meat, and then I have to put up with her as a patient
That has been in my head since I saw the ep yesterday! Bird bird bird, bird is the word....
I'm also finding out now that people sending me pm's wanting to buy my mall items are having trouble getting through.....
Sometimes I can't log on for hours at a time...is it just me?
4.09 next to my apartment building in southwestern suburban chicagoland. Makes me happy I drive a Yaris...
Umm..I think halogen kiedis
I will win for sure: $248 000 for student loans (I'm a doctor now) $9000 car loan
I'm on my feet 10+ hrs and wear donald j pilner ballerina flats.
Eye doctor.
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