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Euro- 37
My faves right now are Dylan George boyfriends in Czar wash. 
I agree. A little drama keeps things interesting.
Your baby is adorable! Congrats!!
I'm not sure about black pacific, but I find most COH runs about the same for me, so I think a 25 should be good. HTH.
That looks pretty good to me. Those are beautiful! (just a bit too pricey...I"m cheap nowadays)
Remember to size down with CE
Identification/classification questions - Are you male or female? female - How old are you? 33 - What nationality are you? american - What is your household income? (you may skip this question if you wish) $110,000ish - How would you describe your fashion style? classic with trendy mixed in Brand - Why did you buy this particular brand? well known brand - How many pairs of Sevens do you have? 2 now - What image/ adjectives / personality traits would you associate with...
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