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Quote: Originally Posted by chrisislayzie no offense, but just wondering, with all that nice clothing on you.... why a hanes t-shirt??? Because it's comfortable, man!
depeche mode - shake the disease
I will be selling my Farco 85W (31x32) and 87Q (30x32) soon. The zippers are too much for me now. Nice collection you've got there, birdy.
Quote: Originally Posted by callire Anthems of a Seventeen-Year-Old-Girl - Broken Social Scene Finally, something good...
Broken Social Scene - Almost Crimes
Quote: Originally Posted by uwhuskiesrule its a more expensive. less customizable, prettied up piece of pompous airbrushed metal. A pc costs a lot less and does the same things. If you get a virus or have other problems, you can very easily fix them. I've never had a problem with mine. Have fun in your coffee shops with a goatee and one of those french caps reading poetry and telling yourself how great of a person you are for having one. Apple makes...
Quote: Originally Posted by Zodiac Kings Of Leon - True Love Way....... The whole album is one of my favorites of 2007.
Quote: Originally Posted by jamers i dont really know why i wanted one. maybe because it would have been a nice change from using PCs all my life. That's the exact reason why I bought a Mac--just something new. I still love my desktop PC (Windows), though. I take pride in it since I built it and it's still fast as hell. XP is such a stable and solid OS, IMO.
The Beatles - I'm Only Sleeping (Take 1)
Quote: Originally Posted by Mihalis actually the air is a great product, you're just thinking about it wrong. the macbook air is NOT the mac you would be looking at for your first one, or even for your first computer. instead, think about it for its ultraportability. the thing is really thin and ultralight. perfect for traveling. the macbook air lacking an optical drive, additional USB ports, firewire, ethernet is because its for a wireless world. the...
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