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Quote: Originally Posted by blm14 Are you on velospace? What do you ride?
Quote: Originally Posted by vickaaaay ^ hella sick material Hella Bay Area. Jeans and fit look good.
iron & wine - such great heights
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess Go Warriors! I second that.
Quote: Originally Posted by DieselEmployee I was a nudie fanboy like many of you but that was before I found dry denim forums which opened my eyes to much higher quality brands in the same price range. One guy just posted his clotch on the verge of blowing out after only 45 wears in the progress thread. The only people defending nudies quality are the ones who wear them on an action packed day to the office. My RRDS needed repair within 3 months of...
nypc - get go
Go buy 'em.
air - surfing on a rocket
portishead - strangers (live at roseland nyc)
The National Mistaken For Strangers - Song - MP3 Stream on IMEEM Music
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