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Def. doesn't seem worth $120 +$30 shipping. As seen on TV stuff is usually a disappointment.
Wow Christine, how did you get so many referrals? (does this include all of the people you referred who referred others?) I have the basic account because I have only referred a couple people. Kelly, I don't see why he just couldn't call their customer service and get it straightened out or create a new buying account on ebay. It might be one of those scams where he tells you he will send you a money order for $1000 and to pass on the extra money to a Western Union...
No prob Some fakes are trickier than others.
The yellow set she posted pics of from aaallabama are authentic, but norman_99 is NOT an authentic seller. All they are selling is highly faked sets and the material quality is naasty. On this scottie dog set, the scotties on the inside tag are misshapen and the scottie logo on the front is also way off. This style hasn't been manufactured in years and all of the people selling a bunch of NWT scottie sets are fakes. NWT Juicy Couture Velour Pink Cargo Pants Petite XS P -...
Quote: Originally Posted by pure_trendz actually it's not that much more to get tracking.. I have 10 pound pacakes that I only pay $25 to get here from USA... and yes I do always tell shippers to send taht way... I don't want to add fuel to the flame, but you are mistaken. The only fully trackable method overseas is EMS and it costs over $25 for a one pound package to Canada. The only way you are getting a 10 pound box to Canada is through first...
99.9 to 100 - I have one neg. from 9 yrs ago thats been haunting me *stupid me bid on something and forgot about it*
The places I go to get take out are usually pretty busy and the person getting my order ready is also waitressing at the same time, so it takes time away from them serving sit down customers. I leave at least $1 (food total less than $10.) When eating at a sit down restaurant I leave 20%, unless the total was really low and they still spent a lot of time refilling my drinks, etc. I will leave 25-30%.
Something sounds weird to me. I do not see why ebay would give out a $200 gift card as a result of someone not shipping a pair of jeans. I have been on ebay related forums for 4 years and have never heard of them being so generous.
yuck, it does remind me of how most websites looked 10 years ago
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