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Quote: Originally Posted by jessicalm And Kelly/cicconerobot. Oh my gosh, I haven't been here for ages and ages--what a nice thing to come back to! Thanks, Jess, you made my night.
Hehe, I love working where I can wear whatever I want! Except I have to wear flats every day, waiting tables in heels is no fun.
Jeans used to be my one vice as far as overspending goes, but now I'm "over" them and have moved on to...well, pretty much everything else. I haven't bought a pair of jeans since October, but my shoe, handbag, sunglasses, and dress collections have grown considerably. >_<
Vince, that leather jacket is amazing! Today was such a nice, lazy day... -Eloise silk dress
Today... -Thrift store leather jacket -Gap scarf and sweater -American Apparel tank and leggings -Frye Dorado Tall (not pictured) -Necklace made by my friend Angela (By the way, Vince, the aquarium is great! This was my third time there...it never gets old. You should go!)
Didn't have a chance to take a real WAYWT pic today...I went to the aquarium. -UO hoodie -Generra T -Earnest Sewn Esra -Anne Klein boots It was a fun day.
I can't decide between my little quilted Chanel bag (too lazy to take a picture now) or these: ANNE KLEIN NY Women's Coi Boot - Free Shipping (the pictures do these NO justice - they're amazing) 2006 was a good shopping year.
Thanks, everyone, for all your kind words! And the comparison to Zooey Deschanel, I love her! ^_^ Today: -12th Street by Cynthia Vincent dresses -Vintage cardigan
The best part about going to China: Unfortunate English translations.
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