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Any of you kind folks in the US order me up a pair of Thanaz 601K in 27x32 & ship them to me in the UK? They're available on the US Diesel Online Store but they don't have this size left in the UK. :(   I'd be eternally grateful!!   Thanks, Paul.
 Cheers dude, only wish it was as warm as it looked (open weave) lol!
Diesel Thanaz 8LP All Saints Rok Crew TopMan Warlord Plimsoles      
Selling a Brand New pair of Viker 0803W in Size 28x32 .   Great wash, 3D denim, Made In Italy - wrinkled effect etc. Lovely deep blue thick denim with fading and staining.   What makes these special (or not depending on what you're after) - I had them professionally re-cut by a Denim repair specialist to Thanaz fit, using my Thanaz 660q as a template - all alterations where done on the outer seams and the finish is undetectable and perfect.   Ask for detailed measurements...
If anybody can find me a pair of Thanaz 660s Size 27x32, I will pay full retail plus finders fee and shipping!   Thanks, Paul.
Thanks all This has been amicably resolved with a little reassurance and anhthanh1 is happy with the jeans.
Guys, I sold these jeans to anhthanh1 and was dissappointed to hear he had some issues . I am more than happy to discuss the condition of the item in question in this thread so it's all out in the open. Let me first state this pair of Zathan 71J are indeed brand new but that doesn't mean I bought them yesterday A very kind forum member in the US purchased them for me and I payed US retail. They have been in my drawer for a while now along with a few other pairs of Diesel's...
Quote: Originally Posted by ken .....wish i could say the same for my 86t's in my avatar which i still have yet to wear in public due to the tighness.....haha They look awesome IMO.
Anyone fancy picking me up a pair of these - I'm in the UK and would be eternally grateful!
Have a few pairs of Zathan cords with 50% polyester. They don't stretch at all, not even a tiny bit.
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