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Need some help girls! My girlfriend is dying to get a Gucci handbag in black guccissima pattern matching the wallet I gave her for Christmas. I found one on ebay.de that looks authentic to me but i have no experience at all when it comes down to shopping for ladies handbags! Here's the link: GUCCI BRITT BOSTON-GUCCISSIMA LEDER-100% ORIGINAL & NEU bei eBay.de: (endet 09.02.09 02:10:08 MEZ) Are you able to help me out, I'm not buying a replica bag that's for...
Looks even better IRL. Tried them on a couple of weeks ago just did'nt have the funds!
Francesco? Any chance
I Have a pair of Buffalo's Wil throw in a beat up pair of Zathan 772 from 2001! They come cheap.
Honestforum especially What are your wearing ** is NSFW
8AA in Thanaz One of the cheapest pairs in my wardrobe but by far the coolest high quality dark wash
Quote: Originally Posted by biodiesel UPS Freight? UPS Global Freight Services UPS is a no go but thanks any way.
Are good freight companys really that rear in the US? WTF Anyone?
My mind have been set for a long time on getting an Herman miller produced, Charles Eames lounge chair. Finally I have found an online retailer with an affordable out of the box sales price. The retailer is not able to ship directly to me ( Denmark) because of restrictions given by Herman miller. Instead I need to get the chair shipped by a freight company. Here is the big question: Do any of you know a reliable and fair priced freight company who is able to...
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