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On thurlow/robson there is one, Aritzia and Plenty send customers there, it's right on thurlow, on the side where Banana Republic is, pass BR, pizza place, convenience store and there it will be. Also I do my jeans tapered/altered at the Stitch's International under London Drugs on Georgia ans Granville. Those ladies are good.
There is a store in Vancouver called Club Annex, they have sale, I passed by and they had 1 pair left at this location
Just got my first pair of Nudie's SSK in dry...Im TTS 25 in R&R and I got size 25 in Nudie's ...Fits snug, but not bad, stretchy...It was the last pair and I paid 95CDN plus tax...
I must buy them now... Thanks a lot for info
Nova! Can you also post measurements, please (looks like we are the same size)... In case if you'll fit in them can you post a picture? TIA
I dont have one, but I've seen someone using it...Looks pretty good...
Call canadapost or your local postal outlet with your tracking # and request to pick up. They may be never came to your address...I am pretty sure they don't come few times a day, its usually 1 attempt and then you get a notice that canadapost came...Something is not right. Call them
And on top of that the company sent me a cheque 2 weeks ago and I just got it yesterday. They sent it from Vancouver and I am in vancouver...
You will get them may be soon, may be in a week. Recently I bought jeans from HM, they were shipped on october 30, arrived to Canada on Nov. 11 and I got them this week. It's a holiday season. But I called canadapost and they said that if you want to open up an investigation you got to contact sender to do it. I wouldn't worry so much, it takes forever with this Christmas holidays now.
The girl who works with me...said that her aunt works for HR (Vancouver)...and I asked her how much do the SA gets paid there...It's a wadge (not the great one) and of course commissions (thats how they make their $$$)...But you get your health benefits... I tried to aplly there 5 times online, but no luck so far. Also that girl said that if you dont have somebody inside, dont even dream about HR...(we have only 1 here in Vancouver)...so that might be true...
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