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The Dismemberment Plan - The City  
Anamanaguchi - Helix Nebula myspace.com/anamanaguchi
This thread cracks me up because it turned out the exact opposite way I expected it to. I guess if you're looking for sympathy, you can find it between shit and syphilis in the dictionary...
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell AHHH... he was on L&O:SVU tonight - only tonight he was a janitor/rapist. A janitor, terrorist, rapist AND pothead?? Now that's range!
Quote: Originally Posted by alohagrlxo how can i tell the difference between classical, romantic, and modern art? I have a final tomorrow and my teacher's going to show us a painting, and we have to say what it is. Film is very, very much more my thing than is painting. However: In terms of "classical" art, are you referring to classical greek ? I'm pretty sure romantic painting is based around the old (dunno when it came about ?) idea of...
Quote: Originally Posted by anuish143 Blade! Ha I'm sorry--- I am WAY bitter right now. lol
Quote: Originally Posted by anuish143 hmmm... food don't have to wait an hour for seconds... And food doesn't lie to you. Grrr.
I was glued to the two-night premiere and I'm actually pretty psyched for the rest of the season. However, a couple of my friends are seriously hoping they don't turn Jack into a big Sally pants. Either way, you gotta love 24. That hour passes so quickly every week...
The answer to your question, "What is a good detox," is simply "nothing." Your body has organs that detox FOR you. You have a liver, kidneys, and lungs that automatically take care of what detox diets supposedly do for you. If you're looking keep your weight, you'll probably find this "diet" pretty detrimental, because you take in practically no calories and you can drop a good deal of weight. Besides the fact that the "diets" are short on certain nutrients. Any good...
Oh my god hold up, what the hell is this show called, and where can I get a copy that will run on my American dvd player!? Seriously I wanna know! Anyone?
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