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Under construction: if you have any pics, please pm or post them
NO! Pay and get them hemmed because the jeans won't get dirty or wrecked.
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 yeah cuz guns kill people, not people killin people....blah, figures this thread would turn to shit. I don't have a gun, but I don't have issues with them either. With owning anything, people need to be responsible and make sure they are safely stored so the gun doesn't end up in the wrong hands as much as possible.
I would have been really pissed, but wasting emergency resources over not getting a refund is asinine!!!
I agree 100%!! The plain studs on the ladies aren't so bad, but I like to be simple. I prefer studs on leather when I am riding Harley's.
I personally don't care for them, but it is a throwback to some early TR styles like woodstock, snakeskin, reconstructed (name?) Womens Drifter Dark: Drifter Medium: Drifter Dark w/ studs: Mens: Billy w/ studs Pop wash: Leather Riding Dirty: Leather and studs Dark Prankster:
Fake- men's johnny's don't have twisted seams, the white tag is very sloppy, the wash is streaky and awful
Thanks Lorna!!! I had a brain fart at the time hehe
Sorry Jason Hopefully it will be a NPB but it also gives you more $$$$ to put towards an LV wallet
^ I <3 Jennifer because she always has a very positive attitude and outlook on the forum, which I love seeing displayed
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