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Good luck on your new project ladies!!!
They are pretty rare as they are only available in Japan I believe. I really don't know what people would pay these days, but I am guessing around $200 or more.
Quote: Originally Posted by dieselsmomma We're actually looking at buying a house pretty soon. My dad and I are too!!! I am always watching the prices slide on the Calgary real estate sites lol. My roomie just paid $233,000 for a condo in Royal Oak, but I think she should have waited because in 6 months, it will be worth less than what she paid.
Scorpions tend to be more slim in the leg imo
damnnnnnnn that looks hot!!! I love the vibrant blue
I would most definitely try to keep the original hem because it is very difficult to re-create the original look. I am a shorty so I have to hem mine a good 3-4" but I don't lose the look of the flare or cut of the leg.
About $150-$160
Hey guys, I would like to continuing to construct the mens photo style guide and I was wondering if anyone would like to post their pictures of different styles in this thread and I will transfer them into the sticky. Thanks, Courtney
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