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^real In the mens style guide guide, there is measurements from the TR listed and cut style.
This poll has given me a good laugh for the day
I wouldn't spend $199 on fleece joey's and I think you are better off investing in denim.
Quote: Originally Posted by ael611 ok...so i jumped on ebay yesterday and found these jeans with only 5 minutes left in the auction. They looked good so i decided to take the chance that they are authentic...just wanted to re-check with a "professional!" I figured for the $$ i was taking an ok chance! Gently Used True Religion Joey Dark color Jeans - Sz 27 - eBay (item 180333152978 end time Mar-08-09 15:32:04 PDT) Real in Dark Vintage
Candies121 is an HF member with the fuchsia crowns
Some brands are basically at par with the US pricing like Paige and Joe's but R&R, TR is a lot more. I have seen them for those kind of prices at Underground.
Happy Birthday
Nope- is it still happening?
It is awesome if someone buys the jeans from you for $400
I wouldn't pay $400 for jeans period!! And I agree that DPE is a common wash that doesn't justify the price either.
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