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They are incredibly fake!!
Quote: Originally Posted by atarijen Paige's are AWESOME! They make the best skinny jeans. I love my Paige Skyline Drive skinnies, along with my Hollywood Hills'!!!
^real to the TR section and feel free to ask questions
I do not get the fascination with Asian/Caucasian's this troll has
Quote: Originally Posted by Lizanneh Okay, now these ones, I think are fake. Can I get a confirmation? Can't get the pics to work right so I posted the link (won't be bidding anyway). True Religion Women's Jeans Size 27 - eBay (item 180334880269 end time Mar-12-09 16:05:05 PDT) Nasty, nasty fakes!!!
I am not a guy so I don't know if the actual inseam is true to length, but I am sure someone here would know. I don't really pay attention to the inseam length because I am 5'2.5 and need to hem my jeans to 30.75"-31"
Fake imo- the coin pocket is really "misshaped", the wash is funky and streaky, the stitching on the tag is crooked, along with the shape of the tag.
xscollection is fake I would check for sales on revolve and also look for coupon codes. Ebay and the honestmall is also your best bet for finding TR for less than $100 as I have seen many Billy's end for less than $100 lately.
They are new. I think the xxx collection is more western-50's era inspired. Personally they remind me of wranglers a little bit.
Nice to see you Shelley
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