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agree, real
^I agree!!!
Rigid = 100% cotton I think most mens TR is rigid and not stretch
The thighs should stretch out overtime. Depending on the denim content, stretch denim clings more to the body while rigid stretches slowly overtime.
Hooray Lindsey
Are you planning to travel anywhere soon? I know duty-free shops often have Swarovski for reasonable prices.
real- dark urban cowboy in gray/black? Man I need to study TR washes again
Go back ASAP!!! Unfortunately places like Plato's closet and other places like that get fakes mixed in with real jeans
Quote: Originally Posted by jerryb Real or fake? True Religion Billy Super T 34x34 Men's Designer Jeans - eBay (item 140306715569 end time Mar-19-09 19:00:00 PDT) Ask for close-up's of the coin pocket and pockets. They look fake to me, but it is hard with the angle of the pics to be sure. The Bobby's they have look suspicious to me as well.
They are suppose to be Joey Rainbow's
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