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Happy birthday Chris
Quote: Originally Posted by TK512 It took me years to get around to signing up for MySpace. No way I'm going to try to set up and keep up with anymore "social sites". lol I am the same way!! Everyone is on fb and I am not creating anymore accounts on social sites.
Depends on the wash name
I have slugged perverted guys at the bar and boys in junior high in self-defense.
I got $2500 limit when I got mine at 18 because I had a joint one with my mom at 16. I have a PC financial cc and I love it because I can use the points towards free groceries and other goodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by TRjeansROCK lol what retard doesn't wear shoes with jeans haha lol- I think they look awesome
Agree with lilcram
Quote: Originally Posted by hampton1988 Are these real? Brand New True Religion Jeans Sz. 30 Excellent with TAG - eBay (item 280328340895 end time Apr-05-09 17:32:00 PDT) Real Sorry for the late reply- I've been planning a funeral all day and out of town
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