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Bradl, enough with the stupid Calgary-Edmonton rivalry jokes. I don't know any retailers that sells DKNY other than Winners.
Very fake and are suppose to be knockoff joey's, not billy's.
Wrong section but I am going with what Lilcram said.
lol- I was cheering for the Blackhawks instead of the Flames
Please don't be a troll with asking questions that are only advertising your item in the mall! Also your listing is incomplete in many ways such as: no pics of the actual item measurements how they are auth method and type of shipping payment method. My point is if you do not change your listing soon, Annie will tell you to edit it like I did and remove it if the changes aren't made!
Sweet deal
LOL The listing is lacking in all kinds of things, including measurements.
Congrats Lindsey!!!!
^No worries, I was just curious because my dad is planning on buying me a place in the fall. I am thinking the NW or SE part. If you have W-Network, there is this awesome show called Colour Confidential that exposes many different colour choices for many types of rooms.
Congrats!!! What part of Calgary did you buy in? I personally love a dark ocean blue in bathrooms, but it might not look good with light blue tile.
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