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Its $75, and she has 99% feedback out of over 100 transactions. So I guess its ok?
...shipping to an Uncofirmed US paypal address?? The buyer says she just graduated, and has been moving around a lot, so her CCs have diff billing addresses. What should I do? What's the worst that could happen? Is there any way to make this transaction safe? Any input would be greatly appreciated!!
I sold the donkey rainbow for $120 plus shipping, yay!!
haha, yeah, that's my thread in chat asking about OBO. But does anyone have any idea on how much to ask for these two pairs? Thanks
Gold Rush, thats it! Thank you.
Never done a BIN list before, does Best Offer option increase your chance of selling, or you just get a bunch of lowballers? Please share, TY!
They're both NWT in sz 25, I'm thinking of selling them either here or on ebay. Any opinion on how much I should list them for? And also anyone done OBO with BIN on ebay before? Does OBO increase your chance of selling or you just get a bunch of annoying lowballers? Please share, thanks!!
...that has some black paint splatterd on the legs, and quite a bit distressing? I have some Joeys in that wash, and thinking of selling it. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!
To the people who have seen both the HK original version and this one: Do you feel like u know everything thats gonna happen, or its still thrilling and interesting? I'm hesitated to go, since I LOVE the HK ones so much, and have watched them more than once.
i went up one size on Joey bigT cords, fit well.
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