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I got the Patent Leather and Leather R&R for myself! Pesky recession. Only 1 pair for myself after 6 hours of trying clothes on. I hope you do not mind me posting my haul from LAST YEAR! That's more like it! This year's sale has the same stock EXCEPT NOT THE JACKET. The jacket last year was $35!
Here's pics! Not much of a line, lots of stock. Make sure you pay cash to avoid the 9.85% sales tax. I bought the 26 with the leather & patent leather R&R on the table. YAY! Sorry about the dirty lens, kids must have been playing with the camera.
The sale did actually start today but only for the friends and family who work at rock & republic. If you see people walking straight to the door, then they have the code word to avoid the lines. I'll take lots of pics.
I'm no expert but that looks read to me. I have about 4 of here bags and I know she put studs on her earlier bags, but the interior looks exactly like the ones that I have.
Hey I got turned away too! I went at 10:00 and the line was the longest line I've ever seen in my life, at least 5 hours to get in if you were last. Anyway, I called my nephew who is best friends with Mike Ball. He gave me the secret code to get in, put my name on the list and the Sony parking lot attendant would not even let me on the lot at 3:20 p.m.! I couldn't even use my secret code! I said "I have the secret code" She looked at me like I was a COMPLETE RETARD...
Quote: Originally Posted by wonton i've been staring at these forever.. sigh.. i really want to get a bag but i know i shouldn't b/c i've been spending wayyy too much. i guess a girl can dream right? Kooba Charlie in Rose at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Kooba Phoebe Clutch in Black at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Kooba Nina in Slate at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! Kooba Nicole in Black at Revolve Clothing - Free...
Hi, I wouldn't consider myself an expert, but I purchase Kooba directly from the showroom and sell them on ebay. I'm going to the showroom this Monday, so if you have pics and questions, I can pass them along to the Kooba rep if I can't help you!
There are TONS of fake AG's. Apparently, a few of them are on EBAY right now. Be careful!
Quote: Originally Posted by exquisite09 at least it's an apparel company and not a hedge fund. they'll want to keep things the same. I hope that SFAM's quality stays the same and the don't start selling directly to Costco. I hope that the business doesn't change their suppliers, because SFAM has their denim dyed by my cousin's husband. Yes, the apparel industry in L.A. is a small, and can be close knit community depending on the people. I...
I didn't read it. Corporate counsel for AG is a very close family friend and he advised me that he said SEVEN, (but in our lingo that means SFAM) was purchased for $700 million!. Anyway, when something big like this happens in the industry, the story spreads like wildfire. The whole story has not yet been released, but it appears that a bunch of investors purchased the company. Joes Jeans was recently looking for investors to keep the company afloat and fortunately,...
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