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They are!?! Gosh, am I loosing it? I used to be so good at telling. Can you tell me why?
What do you guys think? TIA!
THANKS! Im sure theyve been faked, isnt everyting the second they are released?
Heya guys, Im getting old in the dvb jeans area. Please help. Any advise for me on what to look for with this model with the star on the back-pocket? Thanks!
I have updated the description of the cause and I would love to get some feedback on it.
Quote: Originally Posted by gofakeyourself Didnt want to shit on your thread but ive researched this fact for a term paper in Uni just this semester and wanted you to get your facts more in line with what is actually occuring in the world Thanks for your input! I dont take it in a negative way but I guess we've just heard different things here. I am of course fully aware that the situations of the Asian factories are bad as they are, producing...
Hi! I started a cause on Facebook to fight the replicas. Please join! Facebook | Causes Can anyone tell me a good benificary for the cause? Its hard to find one using the search, I keep getting results of organizations focusing on artefact and flight replicas. Cheers! Facebook | Causes
Thanks guys! Would have fooled me!
Thanks guys!
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