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I just wanted to let everyone know that my paper (the one I've been offline for ages writing) got through the first round of the scholarship competition! I'm one of 10 finalists (one of two for my school) and I find out in 2 weeks if I've won
Omg so cute! Love those back pockets!
Wow! They look great.
Mmkay, so I did end up buying some presents for myself! (Although mostly because I have a mountain of schoolwork in these next two weeks). One, I bought a strand of baroque, untreated akoya pearls: and two, I bought a silver naga bracelet.
Lucky duck! I wish I got a new purse. I'm single though, so no gifts for me, except one of my friends made me a hilarious v-day card out of construction paper. It's pinned to my dorm room door
Quote: Originally Posted by mdg1976 i honestly think that Obama's presidency will be remembered as a huge disappointment. Not because of anything that he did per se, but because he can't possibly live up to the hype and the economy is bound to get far worse before it gets better. Exactly. Well, it depends on how well Obama's policies actually help shorten the length of the recession (late 2010 vs. 2012 or later) and how well we come out of it....
Absolutely. Thanks for bringing this up.
I'm at school (full ride) right now, and I live in the dorm, so I have zero expenses. I spend about 98% of my money on food (but I probably only spend at most, about $500 per month- $250 food, and then the rest on um... stuff/more food?). I occasionally buy clothes or jeans, but it's mostly just me either going out to eat with friends, ordering in, or getting groceries. The dining hall food is disgusting and I refuse to eat it. I do normally save up for some sort of bribe...
I was flipping through my photobucket, and I found a few old photos! Feel free to post your own old pics of R&R.. I have no short term memory so it'll be a fun surprise to see some vintage R&R pics Oxy Pixies: Attack of the redeye!! erm... don't remember these: Me being silly in some addicts that didn't fit... at all! Padded Logos: Craptacular photo, but my first R&Rs EVER!! Brings back memories... ah...
Quote: Originally Posted by Aquarillis Dude, I'm deeper than the deep south... I'm in south Florida LOL, beyond most of the hick-stuff. It's like a bubble down here, it's awesome Sweet. I've always wanted to live down there for a bit, I've got relatives in Key West. It really sucks though because now I'm in New England and there are absolutely NO prospects for dating at all. I don't have an accent or anything, so most people who don't know me...
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