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I have a pair of Kurts. The wash code says RMBL and they look like this: anyone know the wash?
Thank God someone has time to spell check the internet. Could you do myspace next? There is a lot of incorrect usage of there/their/they're there that really gets on my nerves. Thanks.
wow. yeah fake
i think it's cute but no way I would pay almost $200 for a swimsuit.
Thats a pretty good deal as long as they are in decent shape. I believe that retail was $240 but those are like 1 or 2 years old so you wouldn't find them retail anymore.
Man, more Ebay troubles. I sold this pair recently: NWT Diesel Men's Jeans Paddom Special 8BM 38 32 38x32 - eBay (item 180202678861 end time Jan-07-08 11:21:41 PST) The buyer received them and filed an item not as described claim without contacting me. Well I emailed him about it and he says that he filed it because he thinks that they are used. a - can anyone who is familiar with the wash tell me if they do indeed look used? b - do you think he will win the...
In my experience, TR will always stretch out when you wear it. for stretch TR - it will only stretch out a little bit, and if you dry them, they will shrink back to their regular size or maybe a tiny bit smaller, but will stretch back out when you wear them. for rigid TR - these will stretch out significantly when you wear them. If you dry them they will shrink pretty much back to their original size but they stretch back out quickly when worn. For either, if you...
i love them. i haven't seen anyone wear the ones with the rips and i actually really like them.
i'm excited to see these on you shelley i was hesitant but i am now a becky fan
i have them in whiskey creek, they run about 1 size big not sure about other washes though
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