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well, I think my grandma and I are going to try with a cheap pair from goodwill and then working up to my designer ones!
I may try that, too. But I meant had anyone ever tried to convert jeans to look like the J Brand maternity jeans: j brand lovestory maternity jean - at Belly Dance Maternity Clothing
I have seen people take their regular jeans and convert them to maternity by cutting off the waistband and sewing on a stretchy fabric, but has anyone ever tried this? I think I would like this better.
We have TONS of restaurants here in Springfield (IL), but most of them are chains...although you can find a few great restaurants here if you ask anyone that has lived here for a while. D'arcys: It was actually on the Food Network for their horseshoes. For all of you outside of extreme central IL that is a piece of bread, meat (the general is a hamburger, but you can get ham, pork tenderloin and, my hubby's fave, buffalo chicken among others) covered in fries and then...
Worth the Wait
oh yeah, I downloaded Disturbia so that I could make it a ringtone and it told me that it was no longer able to be made into a ringtone! WTF!!!
Hey, I was wondering if there is any way to get around the whole 'you have to buy the song from iTunes to make it a ringtone' thing. I tried phone zoo, but after it downloaded to iTunes it wouldn't let me drag it into the ringtones section.
I've got a couple... When I was little may parents had a car that talked...ya know, "your door is ajar," your lights are on," etc. It was a woman's voice, but for some reason I was convinced that it was Abraham Lincoln. Well, I am from Springfield, IL so one year at the fair I walked right up to a Lincoln impersonator and asked him why he spoke in our car. I was about four or five and was at my grandma's house with a bunch of my cousins (I am the youngest) and there...
I was Pi Beta Phi at Millikin University in IL
Quote: Originally Posted by allison_v All of the recent jeans I have bought with the brown tags do not have the style name stamped on the pocket. Yep, it's the new thing.
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