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remember me?     BoO Jean Shop Repetto
Quote: Originally Posted by jillybean Keep it up and you'll have a forum of bumbling idiots... oh wait, you're halfway there. only halfway?
Quote: Originally Posted by tomatous Welcome back skids. How about these ndcs? N.D.C. MADE BY HAND Men - Footwear - Ankle boots N.D.C. MADE BY HAND on THECORNER.COM those are the closest alternative i have seen to the w+h service boot. like them a lot, wish they were brown and in a size 40...
yes, more pics please. and maybe a link to this 4chan thing with her info?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hisma nah, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I've read a number of your posts since you've been back & every single one was negative & offered no constructive feedback. thats because i made them all at about 3:30am while eating white castle after a night that involved copious amounts of jameson...
Quote: Originally Posted by Hisma uhhh I think that was a straight up troll post. In addition to everything else he has posted since he's been back. Like trippy said I think he's just purposely trying to get banned. No need to ride his nuts any longer. you're just mad because i think your "bachelor pad" sucks.
don't wear zathans. no matter what.
why am i not surprised that the sweater in question is disgusting?
Quote: Originally Posted by bradl I have never boughten... SERIOUSLY?????
you are an idiot. you bought the wrong size and those aren't even raw...
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