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Can anyone please post them up? I'm looking for Rock republic skinny's I'm still debating on them. I'm not sure if I should get them , too straight leg?    I'm about 5'2 and I'm not sure it'll look good on me =(    Rock republic Berlins are way toooooo.... tight, too skinny for my liking.  any suggestions?    Please anyone? TIA 
nvm thankyou mod plz delete thx
Quote: Originally Posted by dannysgirl45 Can you post a pic so we know what exactly you mean? I hem mine myself and there are two lines of stitching- the original hem's stitching, and the top stitching from my hem. As a general rule I use a thread that matches closely the wash of my jeans so it's not noticeable (like you can see in the pictures above my post if you look closely) but some people may not use clear or dark blue thread and that would be a...
argh damn it mine doesn't even look like that ! @@**$*$*@
please someone post it for me? !!!! I just had my jeans original hemmed. It doesn't look right. There's 2 stitching line instead of one line. WTH ! Please someone post it up ! original hemmed please! TIA ARGH I'm so frustrated!
aww thanks =) i checked out the RR site a couple of years ago and they had one in white rock but now i don't see that they have any retail stores in canada on their site. I've been to aritzia but they don't seem to have the jeans i want. I'm thinking maybe the one in white rock would have it... Hopefully someone here on HF had gone to the one in white rock ....
there was one store in white rock... anyone know where it is? please help. thanks!
please let me know TIA
Hi I just bought a ladies burberry london perfum . But I'm not sure if it's real. Please can someone tell me how can i tell if it's real or fake?
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