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I'm a big history fan and i have to say, The War does not disappoint. Ken Burns did an amazing job, the fact thats in color really changes the way you watch the documentary, it makes it feel more powerful and connecting.
yeah they do, you can still log in and stuff. The only thing that sort of sucks is whenever you put it into sleep mode/lock, next time you open it up you have to log in again because as far as i know it doesn't save cookies. With regular use though it won't log out or anything and everything works fine.
wulfie - wow i didn't know apple offered such a good deal. You can't really download stuff on the net or play flash games =( unless you count downloading itunes stuff via wifi. Internet wise you can still access and send email via the safari browser and can use aim via meebo.com. I'm pretty sure people are going to get to work and get some hacks in to increase the functionality some more. (hacktheipodtouch.com) Premier - I actually picked this up at Garden State Plaza,...
to be honest i haven't taken out the plastic cover yet and i don't really plan on it till i get another shield protector. So yeah no real problems with the screen for me. Yeah i didn't know they were out yet, i just went to the apple store and asked for it and they had some in stock. I think on the Apple website they say they ship out Sept 28th and i've heard that some of the apple reps say that in the store too. In any case if anybodies interested just try your luck at...
I picked up the Ipod Touch (8gb) yesterday and i have to say, its pretty awesome. Its my first mp3 player / ipod anything and i have to say i'm not disappointed. It has the usual mp3 / video capabilities plus a wi-fi browser and a dedicated youtube button which works surprisingly well. The touch screen works pretty amazing and while typing on it is somewhat of a bitch, you get used to it after awhile. So what do you guys think about it? Any questions, comments, discuss
Shit, makes me wish I picked these up last year
Welcome - What Would Tyler Durden Do So if you haven't heard she sent naked pictures of herself to co-star / boyfriend Zac Efron and they ended up getting leaked. She's even made a personal statement confirming that the pictures are indeed real.
Quote: Originally Posted by Exes and Ohhs http://youtube.com/watch?v=gTzIYfacbF8 not a real commercial but it should be!! On the same topic, these would make awesome commercials YouTube - Winter Wonderland YouTube - Girls's Costume Warehouse
Wow, this is extremely interesting info. You're right-- Nordstrom does have a liberal return policy, so I could see where it would be prudent to look out for fakes, even there. I guess I was niave before- I've always thought that fake TR's are easy to spot. The ones I've seen in the past look cheap, etc. I didn't realize the counterfeits were getting so sophisticated. Luvapup- do you work for TR? Also-- Do you guys think I should keep the ebay listing up?
Given that I bought them at a department store, I feel that it's highly unlikely that they are fake. If fake jeans make their way into a department store, that's just sad. I can confirm that they're an old style though- I keep my jeans for a long time, just in case I have a fat day, skinny day, etc. I may have bought them over a year ago- I just remember wearing them a lot last summer so I estimated that I bought them around then. The primary reason I'm here is...
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