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Darn! I was hoping it was socal, I could save some $$
AT which NR?
I'm watching those! Thank you.
Congrats! That's a GREAT deal!
What size?
Quote: Originally Posted by bethm7 Sweet! I have been waiting for a deal!! Now I just have to figure out how to post pics in your listing w/o buying their pic package. Just post your pics HTML tag in the body of the listing description. I know photobucket has three options for how to get your pics, and that is one of them. Boom! Free pics.
DAY-UM. You are HOT! Those look fab on you!
God I hope so!!!
You can report them for a misleading title. I've done it. But I don't think it does any good.
She certainly has a lot of those! Wonder where the price tag came from?
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