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many thanks xxx
hi girls any help would be appreciated from those who know mui mui bags. if there are any experts i will upload the picture. many thanks xx
many thanks guys xx
i have been looking at the secret camouflage and secret undercover and also the primer- can you tell me if its any good and where i could get it from? im from uk and my town doesnt sell it grrrr!!! o you know of any reputable websites that will ship to uk? many thanks xxxx
thanks alot will pm the link
he has 4 pairs already lol and they are all size 41 so that shoul;d be a us size 8 - i ve seen some on ebay - could i forward you the link to check is they are authentic? x
thanks alot for that info- im based in uk and want to get them for my boyfriend for christmas x
thanks alot for that. do you know where i could get real prada online?
Prada Shoes , Prada Sneakers : Prada America's Cup White Silver Navy Blue Stripe Men's Sneakers : Shoes Empire many thanks for your help x
thanks so much- i meant prada lol- will check bluefly out x
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