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Thank you!
hey guys, i think these are authentic but just wanted a few other opinions, ive been on a jean ban for a long long long time and i'm a bit rusty!!  much appreciated!!        
1) 2) Skulls (only one picture but I think it looks pretty good, jus want to double check) 3) I think all three look okay but I just want to verify it, TIA guys!
oh I get all my things shipped to an US address and I go there every month to pick up everything at once so I just got it and tried it out. He messaged me back already and said he would refund the money, he refunded me the amount I paid so I guess I will have to pay for shipping, as you mentioned. So just for future reference, its my responsibility to pay for shipping if the item is defective or not as described right ? thanks kelly!
Well I filed the dispute first and then contacted the seller, Im not sure but I remember reading a few times that you only have 30 days after purchasing the item to file a dispute. And it's the 28th day so I just disputed it on paypal and then I contacted him on ebay, still waiting for his reply. Kelly do you know how the shipping works ?
I bought an item on ebay and it doesn't work. Should I contact the seller first or just file a dispute on paypal ? And if I do file a dispute, do I ask for what I paid for or what I paid for and how much it will cost for me to ship it ? I've never done this before so i dont know if i'm suppose to pay for shipping. TIA
I am just like you and have had eczema when I was born. I have also outgrown it but still get it on my fingers. Try avoid getting it wet as much as possible but I know its probably hard since you're a hairdresser, wear gloves if you can. I have prescribed ointments from my doctors, I find the products without prescription don't work whatsoever. You should see a doctor and they will most likely prescribe you some ointments, the ones that work for me are Betnovate,...
New Posts  All Forums: