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texas owns, come to austin
lol the day i decide to visit honestforum again in who knows how long, there is more drama here. nice
ya u go boi, u rock it better than everyone else!! POP DAT COLLA HOLLAT ATCHA BOI etc etc
i havent posted in A LONG time since the drama here, anyways, Ludacris ft Pharrell - Money Maker shake it bitches
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess Nope... Cambodian-American And thank you maayan!!! o hay me2
1) dylan 2) dylan 3) dylan 4) dylan 5) dylan I SPIT HOT FIRE
real earnest sewns go for pretty cheap on ebay, they are not as popular as seven,rock republic,trues etc... they do not get faked (pretty sure of it)
JOHN MAYER RULEZZZZ\ this forum exploded
Quote: Originally Posted by ken i love vw's......a bit on the pricey side to maintain though. dunno if you guys are into them but i love 1967 and older vw buses also.... Only reason why I can't see myself buying one. Maintaining $$$
highlights and colored contacts are TERRIBLE.
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