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Hey guys ,   Looking for a nwt/nwot Zatiny 28x32 , lemme know what you got to sell me.   TIA !
Hi ,   Is this jean still available ?
I bought a R&R Taylor jean size 29, because the seller told me it fits exactly like a Diesel Zathan in size 28, but the R&R jean is VERY tight for me, what does this mean and what should be done ? Should the seller refund my money ? Should i stop eatign food so i can start fitting into the jean ? I need some assistance here guys/girls .... TIA !
Quote: Originally Posted by mustangdieselboy Dude, I want to buy a pair of zathan 8BE 30W 32L Does anyone have any , or know where I can buy a pair online? thanks. Im looking for one too (28x32 ) . My freekin pair has a hole on the stitching between the legs
Thanks for the info people, appreciated !
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Leg opening is approximately 9". You can check store.diesel.com to confirm. They usually list leg opening size for their jeans and pants. thanks for the info ...
Can someone give me the leg opening measurements please. And how does this cut compare to Zathan ? TIA !
I probably have every Zathan wash available but im looking to try something new. Which R&R cut is similar to the Zathan and hows the sizing ? in Zathan i was always a 28x32.
Quote: Originally Posted by ryanduke cut is not as popular on here as cuts like matic or lowky. wash is sort of popular. i know a lot of people like it on another denim forum. thanks for this info, i sent this jean to the US for someone, but the lady did not buy it. it is BNWOT.
how popular is this wash and cut ?
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