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So I plan on wearing a white fitted dress shirt with my Zathan 8ZT, what color tie would you all recommend with this jean? I currently only own one (sadly) which is skinny black with this gray stripes. I'm also debating wearing nice shoes, or some real clean gray chuck-Ts (the rare kind with the tire pattern on the bottom). Any opinions?
holy shit dude, you are asking about a scent. I am asking to get an opinion about something that will change my whole life. what is wrong with getting an opinion about a major city that I'm about to move to from some people I respect for certain reasons (yourself excluded)? I have done extensive research, and visited austin recently to get an idea of what living there would be like. this is what you should invest in yourself. some peoples opinion might be important...
Quote: Originally Posted by A Clockwork Orange ^thanks for the unpretentious comment but i already got some. No problem. Anyone who asks for new cologne suggestions, especially for a "young boy", is still begging for some sort of conformity. I hate to sound like the dick, but as a guy that looks as young as yourself, you need to start developing your own identity. Asking others what it should be isn't going to help. Develope yourself.
just stick to abercrombie since you are a young boy. us men will wear something more sophisticated. I won't tell you what to wear because having other people telling you won't help. however I will help you out a lil bit...own atleast three different scents and stay the hell away from aerosol cans.
My office is located on Research Blvd, just south of the Lakeline Mall. I've been looking at apartments in Balcones, and Cedar Park. Most days I'll be traveling into the city to get to a job site, so I'm def interested in getting an apt downtown too. Any comments?
I did it, I took the job down in Austin. I start June 2nd. Now to just find an apartment...
thats per litre though, isn't it? 1.34 * 3.79 = 5.08
I had all 4 taken out last winter because they were causing an irregular bite. I was sedated so having them pulled wasn't a big deal. Recovery, again, really wasn't that big of a deal either. No swelling or bruising, the worst part was the feeling in my mouth simply because of the missing teeth...very minor pain. Of course it all depends on your surgeon and the condition of your teeth. There are a few threads in the chat forum for on the same subject, one started by...
geotechnical engineer. hooray dirt!
I vote no on the bangs...sorry
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