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I'm new to this portion of the forum, so I'm not sure on the rules and all but here goes... Could you guys give me your opinions on these two bags? My GF likes them but I'm slightly skeptical...especially on the 1st one (seller being a new ebayer and all). hand bag - (eBay item 110189769363 end time Nov-08-07 19:53:20 PST) and Brand New Gucci Authentic Bag. - (eBay item 200170431366 end time Nov-09-07 19:49:37 PST) Thanks everyone!
please disregard they are giving me my money back. thanks anyway
need some help. bought some rock & republic henleys on ebay from a seller called smartbuys401 out of indiana. was told that they are probably fake, and that they are currently selling fake sevens. who can i report them to if i did get ripped off.
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