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On outlet's website it says it's opening mid Dec. Anyone know exactly when? I'll be there Dec 9-11th.
My problem is, I am short. All my jeans are hemmed to about 27. So basically, I need short, chubby guys to buy my jeans off me
I have a huge dilemma. I've slowly taken off some extra pounds over the last year or so. Now, all but 1 pair of Diesels fit me. I am so sad. My collection is pretty big, so to have to start over again would be very expensive. Is it possible to get them taken in? Could it be done and it still look good? Most of my collection is size 32. I bought a new pair in 29's yesterday and they fit me perfectly. Is 3 inches too much to take off??
Those look authentic to me. I had a pair before.
For all of those who PM'd me about finding them this hoodie, I will hit the stores that have them tomorrow. I'll keep you guys updated.
I got a nice one with a detachable hoodie at Zara for $120.
My local boutique has these in stock. White and black all sizes. Price is $238.50 CAD taxes in. If anyone wants one let me know, I'll help out if I can.
My god that is a sick hoodie.
you mean 07?
Seriously. It sucks ass. I got to get rid of some of my jeans that are too big. Problem is, I am short and they are hemmed to fit me. Anyone wear size 32 and are about 5'4" - 5'5"? I just want to see what the odds are I will be able to get rid of some. I want to replace them with something that fits.
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