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Tazy 810s are cool but I don't think i can go any slimmer in the leg than thanaz. My calves are about to burst out of my thanaz's...
Dang it's so tough...I think I might like the 86c better. I'm just worried about the pockets being too bold
Hey fellas, I am trying to decide between the 86c and the 8lp... I tried the 8lps on at the diesel store in San Fran and have never seen the 86c in real life. Any opinions?
there was only one...maybe it was just buried.
Hey guys, I saw and almost purchased a pair of shazor 8be 26x32 at the nordstrom's rack in downtown san fran... they were $99. I just thought I would post in case someone wanted them.
Good thinking. I like how you work
That is the protocol I usually follow but I wanted to get them quickly to Lilcram. As I was shipping them off, I was just praying this wouldn't happen. Problem is, buyers know that paypal will side with them and try to bully you. That's what happened in my case...I should have checked feedback because he apparently did a similar thing to dayro24. I guess I just gotta write this off as a lesson learned.
I have contacted Dave and hope that something will be resolved. I just want to protect the sellers here.
I am going to have to dig to find the receipt... Lilcram seemed like a very reasonable person and has a lot of history here. I didn't realize he would go to this extreme. I guess the bottom line is more important. Now he can resell them at a 100% profit!!
yeah, I just came back (after quite a while) to find some new diesels and something like this happens...
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